Dear people of Kazakhstan!

The pandemic is currently raging, which has taken the lives of many of our fellow citizens, to which we express our deep condolences. However, another disaster is coming - this is a severe economic crisis which is also merciless and ruthless like a coronavirus pandemic, so we believe that only by uniting we can defend this crisis!

As the great Abai said: "Enbek etsen erinbei toyady - karnyn tilenbei", which translates that "Labor will lead a person to satiety!"

Thus, we do not offer you an instant profit,

We offer hard work!
So, this hard work will lead thousands of young people to wealth!
Hard work will fulfill the dreams of our ancestors about a bright future!
Finally, hard work will lead the country out of the economic crisis!

Therefore, let's work hard, roll up our sleeves! So, we will build our bright future ourselves!