General Questions

Where to start?

You may watch the video on the link:

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How to become an employee?

We will publish applications start day on our website. To apply, follow our official sources.

How to become an Effective Manager?

We will publish applications start day on our website. To apply, follow our official sources.

Who can become an Effective Manager?
  • Firstly, applicant must be citizen of Kazakhstan
  • Since 5 million people aged 21 to 35 live in Kazakhstan, we will choose best 1200 among them. 
  • We will adhere to gender equality by accepting applications both from men and women
  • 1200 EM should not be relatives among themselves. If we identify a close relative, then one of them should leave the system.
  • Decisions will be made according to the principles of justice, hard work, developed logic and psychological stability.
  • After the selection of EM, they will look for employees by themselves. However, all EM's employees must complete a free training at TDFA University.
If you have no experience in agriculture?

There is no requirement such as experience in agricultural industry. Anyone can apply for any position that interests him/her. All applications are considered on equal terms.

If I EM doesn't have initial capital? No land / machinery / seeds / farm?

There is no need for initial capital for EM.

Can I apply If I live in the South / North / West / East of Kazakhstan?

There are no restrictions in this regard, the main thing is that you are ready to move to Aul 2.0, information on the exact location of which will be provided after the invitation to work.

Are the seeds considered to be GMO products?

No, this is not a GMO. This is a high-quality selection which has been developed in Canada.

Are the seeds suitable for Kazakhstan?

The data from NASA Satellite confirmed the similarity of climatic conditions of two regions: The northern part of Kazakhstan and Saskatchewan province of Canada. In terms of precipitation, temperature and atmosphere of the air. These parameters for the two regions are identical.

Who can use free electricity and fuel?
Given the huge number of livestock, the aul development program includes establishment of 100 German plants, which process cattle waste. These funded by aul development fund and will enable the provision of free fuel and electricity for aul population.

There is an opportunity to receive about 350 thousand megawatts of electricity, enough to provide energy to 300 thousand people per year. On the other hand, we will get 114 cubic meters of biogas for transport, enough for the annual consumption of 30 thousand cars, considering the average car mileage of 18 thousand km per year.

Conditions of mortgage program?
Every employee of the fund's ecosystem who has a sufficient credit rating can use the mortgage program of Modern Agroinvestbank.

Program conditions:
  • Financing up to 15 years.
  • Interest rates from 4 to 7 % per annum.
  • The house itself will be the collateral.
  • No down payment.
The cost of the house has been cheaper by applying the SIP technology.

Conditions of car loan service?
  • Financing up to 7 years.
  • Interest rates from 4 to 7 % per annum.
  • The collateral will be the quota for cattle and the purchased car.
  • No down payment.
To reduce the cost of cars, TDFA signs direct contracts with leaders of the automotive industry such as Toyota, GMC and Ford to purchase farm trucks with factory installments for driving on biogas.

What should Biy do?
  1. Biy oversees the equity in the fund system and maintains a fair balance between EM and the fund.
  2. Solves issues on insurance payments.
  3. Monitors a decrease or an increase in the credit rating.
Biy's work will be based on "CORPORATE CODE OF JUSTICE" of TDFA.

What if Effective Manager will fail?
If you fail, then you will be replaced by another effective manager WITHOUT consequences for you.

A brief description of the structures. Glossary

Seed Bank
A special plant for cleaning, drying and storing seeds with a capacity of 1 million two hundred thousand tonnes. The seed bank will contain crops such as wheat, barley, soybeans, flax, rapeseed, corn, alfalfa, lentils, mustard and chickpeas.

An Internet platform where everyone can get relevant knowledge from the world's leading agricultural universities (University of Saskatchewan, University of Alberta and University of North Dakota).

Innovation Center

A dispatch center is being created which brought together 40 experienced scientists and practitioners from all over the world, whose task is to advise and support. Services: 

  • advice on plant protection;
  • advice for fertilization;
  • advice on agricultural technology;
  • advice for each crop individually.


In order to provide 100% coverage on 5 million hectares of land, 50 base stations with 4G technology need to be installed.


200 machine-tractor stations across Kazakhstan. Each MTS serves 5 nearest farms by providing agricultural machinery and related services. 100% of equipment and hangars are owned by the Effective Manager of MTS. 

There going to be about 2400 seeding complexes, 3400 tractors, 4200 combines, 6000 trucks and other types of auxiliary equipment in 200 MTS.

Mining field and processing plant
The project includes development of a phosphorite deposit and construction of a plant for the production of mineral fertilizers with a capacity of 1 million 600 thousand tonnes per year.

This plant will fully cover the needs of TDFA in terms of mineral fertilizers such as ammaphos, sulfoammaphos and phosphoric flour. The presence of a plant in TDFA system will halve the price of mineral fertilizers.

Purchasing Center

The Purchasing Center consists of 100 local warehouses and is designed for the wholesale purchase of goods for 5 million hectares of cultivated areas.

The centralized purchase of spare parts, inoculants, liquid fertilizers, protective equipment and other chemicals for effective managers, in addition to diesel that is needed for fieldwork.


The first bank in Kazakhstan, which does not provide money, but provides goods and services. Bank ensures investment protection, financial support for the entire fund ecosystem. Bank's products: mortgages, car loans, loans.

Trading House

Provides a guaranteed sale of the grown products based on the quotations of Chicago Stock Exchange through futures contract with Effective Managers and SWAP operations.

Reserve Non-Commercial Insurance Fund

To avoid such injustice, TDFA offers another scheme for work:

The farmer pays a compulsory insurance premium annually, which is 10% of his production cost. TDFA supports the farmer and pays for him 10% of the premium from its own funds, thereby, TDFA shares risks with the farmer and shows interest in his success.

In addition to the harvest, all equipment and livestock are also insured.

System of Justice
Two-level structure of Biys: Main and Local. Proposed salary: 20 thousand dollars per month.
Credit Rating System

Employees credit ratings directly depend on the credit rating of their effective manager. Therefore, if an effective manager shows low results, then the rating of the entire team decreases. 

Accordingly, the interest rate on mortgage, other loan products and insurance increase, respectively.
Bounty hunters
Anti-corruption measure, where the Bounty Hunter must identify people who take bribe and are corrupted. TDFA Security Service will provide funds to ensure the payment of the bribe.

The Hunter must submit the collected compromising evidence to the Security Service, that, in cooperation with Biy, verifies the accuracy of the information provided. Hunters work anonymously and only for a fee.

Price list for each participant in the system:

For instance:
  • For the main biy – 50 thousand dollars
  • For a local biy – 30 thousand dollars
  • For a credit manager – 20 thousand dollars
  • For the warehouse manager – 10 thousand dollars
  • For the manager of the elevator – 10 thousand dollars
  • For the manager of the purchasing center – 10 thousand dollars 

The identity of each corrupt official and thief is published on TDFA website.

Aul 2.0
The development of 100 auls is based on TDFA model. Each village will have 12 Effective Managers and 300 of their employees.
For every 50 thousand hectares of sown areas, one aul is located.


Million of cows in one system is the largest in the world. Each resident who works for effective managers will have their own cow quota for 33 cattle.

World Food Bank
250 grain elevators in Kazakhstan for 50 million tonnes of storage for various crops. 100% of ownership will be granted to the different grain importing countries. It's similar to a bank deposit. The WFB solves the problem of countries’ food security.
Fund's Social Program
The main mission of the program is to eliminate hunger in Kazakhstan and African countries. Due to hunger, everyday 22 thousand people die in the world, which is 8 million a year - this is practically population of Switzerland.

Therefore, due to global coronavirus pandemic, this number grows.

The Aul Development Fund

Aul Development Fund
It will be increased annually for $ 5 million. The program includes the construction of the following facilities:
At the expense of the aul development fund for the 10 years, what will be built?
  • Infrastructure networks
  • Hostels, with further development of the aul, it will become the hotels.
  • Community center: which will include a conference hall, mini cinema, fitness, swimming pool, sports sections, and most importantly a hockey ice rink with the usage of synthetic ice.
  • Kindergartens
  • Schools on the Finnish model of education
  • Medical Center
  • Biomass processing plant
  • Gas stations
  • Supermarket
  • Bakery
  • Craft brewery
  • Craft meat warehouses
  • Greenhouses
  • Parks and sports grounds
  • Religious Center
  • Security and video surveillance system
  • Religious centers
At the expense of TDFA, the following infrastructure will be built:
  • Base stations for cellular and Internet communications
  • Plant for storage and cleaning of seeds
  • Warehouses of the Purchasing Center
  • Feeding complexes for cattle
  • Well and water treatment system

In every aul, more than 300 houses will be built under the mortgage program
At the expense of Effective Manager, the following will be built:
  • Reproducers for breeding cattle
  • Garages and hangars for agricultural machinery
  • Tanks for storage of fuels and lubricants
  • Industrial base
  • Administrative building

At the expense of Small and Medium Businesses:
  • Beauty Salons
  • Restaurants / cafes / bars
  • Sewing factory
  • Tourist entertainment facilities
  • Service station
  • Pharmacies
  • Mini markets
  • Clothing stores
  • Workshops

How will the aul economy work?
As we can see, at the expense of the Aul Development Fund, the income will be generated by built infrastructures, such as:
  • Greenhouses
  • Craft brewery
  • Craft meat warehouses
  • Supermarket
  • Bakeries