Institute of biys

Studying new technologies and new systems, we came to the conclusion that in the issue of justice it is necessary to turn to a long forgotten system that existed 300 years ago and has proven its effectiveness - INSTITUTE OF BIYS
Everyone remembers such Biys as - Aiteke Bi, Tole Bi, Kazybek Bi. The people respected and honored them for their honesty and justice.
Shokan Ualikhanov mentioned in his writings that even Russian Merchants turned to and trusted the court of Biev.
  1. 1200 Effective Managers present candidates for the position of big who are not direct relatives and have no criminal record
  2. The three Biys who have received the largest number of votes are elected by the Chief Biys
  3. To become a candidate for the post of Boy, applicants undergo free online training at the University of the Fund and receive a license
  4. The Fund undertakes to pay the salary in the amount of 20 thousand dollars per month
  5. Biy can be removed from office for corruption and unfair decisions by Effective Managers or the Fund. But at the same time the New BIY is elected by Effective Managers
  6. Decisions of Biys are final and not subject to appeal


  1. Biy oversees equity in the fund system and maintains a fair balance between Effective Managers and the fund
  2. Solves issues on insurance payments
  3. Monitors a decrease or increase in the credit rating

Changes and additions to which can be made by Effective Manager and the Fund in the online SAP system.
Court of the International Financial Center "Astana".

To protect foreign investments and work with international financial institutions, the Fund and all its legal structures and effective managers operate under the case law of England and Wales and are registered in the AIFC.
The AIFC Court is independent in its activities and is not part of the judicial system of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The courts are held on the territory of the AIFC, where the judges are the English Lords.
The legitimacy of this court is spelled out in the Constitutional Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Credit Rating System

How does the system work and what does the credit rating depend on?

1. From the University
Once a person has completed training, he enters the fund system and the base credit rating depends on the results of the test he passed at the university. Good pass - high base credit rating, bad - low.
2. From the Knowledge Center
If an effective manager correctly follows the recommendations of the knowledge center, his credit rating rises, if he does not follow the recommendations, his credit rating drops.
3. From the Bank
If an effective manager and his employees have high payment discipline, then the credit rating increases, if it is low, it falls accordingly. Moreover, as the credit rating grows, such products as mortgages, car loans and education of children abroad are opened, and if they decrease, accordingly, these loan products are closed.
4. Realizing that a credit rating directly affects a person's destiny. And this rating can, through corruption, be overstated, or through unfairness from the fund-understatement. In this regard, it was decided that the BII will confirm the increase or decrease in the credit rating.
In order to strengthen teamwork: the credit ratings of his employees directly depend on the credit rating of an effective manager. That is, if an effective manager shows low results, then the rating of the entire team decreases. Accordingly, the interest rate on mortgages and other loan products and insurance increases.

Consequently, with positive results, the credit rating increases, and interest rates on credit products and insurance premiums become cheaper. Moreover, if the Effective Manager or his employee receives the most negative credit rating, they are excluded from the system.
Also, exclusion from the system can be due to theft and corruption.


It's no secret that corruption and theft are still present in many structures. Corruption is a parasite of the system. And we must root it out. All this is done to ensure that all participants in the system live happily in the villages.
In ancient times, in the wild west, when banditry and lawlessness flourished, law enforcement agencies could not call people to order. And then the US authorities resorted to one cunning, but very effective tool - HEAD HUNTERS.

How it works:

Any citizen of Kazakhstan has the right to undergo online training at the university of the fund to gain knowledge about the methods and mechanisms of giving bribes through sophisticated schemes. Directly, through relatives, friends, classmates, whatever.
He can obtain a license online and the procedure is free and confidential.
After obtaining a license, "Hunter" can start its activities.

Mechanism of action:

The Fund's anticorruption website will display a Price List for each participant in the system.

For example:
  1. For the Senior biy - 50 thousand dollars
  2. For a local biy - 30 thousand dollars
  3. For a credit manager - 20 thousand dollars
  4. For the warehouse manager - 10 thousand dollars and etc.

The bounty hunter must identify people taking bribes. The Fund's Security Service will provide funds to ensure the payment of the bribe.
The Hunter must submit the collected dirt to the Security Service, which, together with Biy, verifies the accuracy of the information provided.
After Biy and Security Service confirmed the facts of corruption or theft, "Hunter" receives its prize according to the price list, and the corrupt official is excluded from the system without the right to restore and is handed over to employees of state law enforcement agencies.
If a corrupt official has an unpaid mortgage or car loan, these assets are seized and transferred to the fund's income. If all loans are paid off, the property remains with him.

Employees of the Security Council of the Fund are motivated to bring the offender to criminal responsibility and for each guilty person who has received a sentence of imprisonment, they receive an additional bonus in the amount of $3000 to $5000.

If the Boy together with the Security Council unreasonably close the corruption case, the Hunter has the right to appeal to the Chairman of the Fund, who will consider the case even if the corruption is proven - the hunter receives a prize for both the Biy and the Corruptor.
Hunters work anonymously and only for a fee. The identity of each corrupt official and thief is published on the Fund's website.


The author of the project: Dinara Shurenova