Social Program

Our social program 

The main mission of the program is to eliminate hunger in Kazakhstan and African countries.
Due to the hunger, every day 22 thousand people die in the world, which is 8 million a year - this is practically the population of Switzerland. Therefore, due to the global coronavirus pandemic, this number grows. And for this, one-tenth of the Fund's profits will be sent in the form of humanitarian aid to people in need in Kazakhstan and African countries.

According to Maslow's pyramid, if the basic human needs for food and safety are covered, he will strive for community and spirituality. Therefore, in Africa, in addition to eradicating hunger, we want to promote the philosophy of Ubuntu, which originated on this continent. Ubuntu calls for humanity, justice, and selflessness, and from the Zulu language it translates as "I live because we live."
In the 30s of the last century, Kazakhstan experienced a terrible disaster, a famine, that took the lives of millions of people, so we know from our grandparents what terrible grief it is.
We must do everything to ensure that a tragedy like this does not affect anyone else.

Author of the project: Maral Shaimerdenova