Mission and values

Main Strategic Goals

The solution to 16 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, including Zero Hunger, Decent Work, and Economic Growth.

TDFA focuses on the problems of The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO UN). FAO is the specialized agency dealing with international food security and agricultural development. The main functions and objectives of TDFA are particularly similar to goals of FAO.

Development of 100 auls (villages) with standard of living similar to that in cities. Planned construction of 100 schools, 100 hospitals and 100 kindergartens. 

Enhancing food security of the Republic of Kazakhstan and grain importing countries.

TDFA supports FAO's strategic program to formulate a vision for the contribution of food and agriculture to sustainable development. FAO emphasizes bold transformational change to create a more open, sustainable and stable world.

Creation of a closed ecosystem of the fund, ensuring effective and transparent activities of agricultural enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan

World free from hunger and extreme poverty

World justice

World peace

Mission and values


One of the missions of the program is to eliminate hunger in Kazakhstan and African countries.

Due to hunger, every day 22 thousand people die in the world, which is 8 million a year - this is roughly the population of Switzerland. Therefore, due to the global coronavirus pandemic, this number grows.


Developing relationships based on trust, respect and cooperation.

These values allow us to work effectively and achieve our common goals.