Marat Abiyev

Marat Abiyev
Author of the project «Land»

Abiyev Marat is the Chief Shareholder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the private company "The Development Fund of Agriculture" LTD.

Professional experience began early. In his 14 to 16 y.o. he was a producer of rap groups in Aktobe.

In 2004 he founded "AAA Technology" company for the maintenance of computers and office equipment, in 2007 he founded a web studio "W" for development, design and maintenance of Internet websites. 

In 2009 he initiated “Euromobile Kazakhstan” LLP (satellite monitoring of transport).

In 2011 - KSP Steel Trading House LLP, in 2012 - initiated creation of the Association of Kazakhstan Producers, then became founder of companies in London and Moscow, engaged in the sale of Kazakhstani goods;
Director of the investment project "A1 Investment group" (investing transactions in the subsoil use, food industry, construction, etc.), after which he became interested in the Agro-industry and in 2019 became the main shareholder of TDFA.

Timur Ayapbergenov

Timur Ayapbergenov

Author of the project «AgroInvestBank»

Ayapbergenov Timur Zhanbolovich is the Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board of Directors of the private company "The Development Fund of Agriculture" LTD.

He began his career in 2005 at Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan JSC and rose through the career ladder to the Head of the Medium Business Sales Center in 2010. Since September 2011, he continued his career in Tsesnabank JSC as Deputy Director for Business Clients in the Capital branch in Astana. Since 2014 he worked as Director of the Project Finance Department, Astana. From 2017 to 2019 he held the position of Managing Director - Member of the Bank's Management Board and from July 2019 to January 2020 was a consultant to the Big Four.

He has several honorary medals, such as the Jubilee Medal "Independent Republic of Kazakhstan 25 years" for his significant contribution to the formation of statehood, strengthening the sovereignty and socio-economic development of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Approved by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

As well as the Public Medal "The Best Financier" - for conscientious and impeccable work in the development of the financial sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Approved by the Council of the Association of Financiers of Kazakhstan.

Passed the 3-year Certified Program for the Implementation of a Culture of First Class Service by J. Schole. He has two higher educations in the fields of jurisprudence, accounting, and audit, as well as one specialty in the field of business management and law.

Timur is interested in martial arts and reading scientific literature.

Anton Novitskiy

Anton Novitskiy
Author of the project «Trading House»

Novitskiy Anton is a member of the Board of Directors of the private company "The Development Fund of Agriculture" LTD.
He began his career in 2006 at ZAO KB “Citi Bank” and improved his career path from banking to metallurgy to the Deputy Director of “Trading House “KSP Steel” LLP in 2016.

Since October 2016, he continued his career at “Trading House “KSP Steel” LLP as a Director, founder of the company. He was engaged in the wholesale supply of oil country tubular goods to oil producing enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

From 2018 to present days he has been holding the position of Director of “Kazakhstan Oil Refinery” LLP.
Has a higher education in the fields of Economics and Management at enterprises of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy.

He is fond of traveling and cars.

Yasmin Alpieva

Yasmin Alpieva
Author of the project «Seed Bank»

Alpieva Yasmin Nurlanovna is the Chief of Staff of the Board of Directors of the private company "The Development Fund of Agriculture" LTD.

She began her career in 2013 at KazMunayGas Trading AG in Switzerland, held Milan EXPO 2015 in Italy, worked in the energy sector in the Czech Republic for 3 years, then returned back to Kazakhstan to hold EXPO 2017 Astana in the pavilions of Germany, Japan, America and Shell.

At the beginning of 2018, she participated in the development of AI technologies for predictive systems based on the psychological data of people at the ORIS.SPACE IT startup.
Has a degree in business management, speaks 5 languages.

Passed training programs in Python programming and work with Oracle and Blockchain systems.

Interested in art, tennis, horse riding and AI systems.
Amanai Makhmetov

Amanai Makhmetov
Author of the project «Food Security»

He began his career in 2008 as a student at the O'Azamat Holding Company, he began as a manager for the development and management of a business in the field of renting premises and services. After graduating from the university and receiving a diploma, he climbed the career ladder to the director of a subsidiary company LLP "Legal Firm" Adilet ".

He participated as a representative from NEPK “Union“ Atameken ”in conducting inspections by state bodies, observed the legality of actions of representatives of state bodies, and was also a representative from employers during examinations in colleges. At the same time, he ran his business as an individual entrepreneur and was also engaged in representing the interests of citizens and legal entities on various legal issues. Gained practical experience in law enforcement agencies, such as the Department of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Since 2014, he continued his career in the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs "Atameken" as an expert of the Department of Procurement and Local Content, as well as an expert of the Council for Combating Corruption and the Shadow Economy. He was a member of the working group during the development of the Anti-Corruption Strategy 2015-2025.

Since 2015, he has been engaged in private entrepreneurship in the field of oil refining, oil trading, and agriculture, and is also a legal consultant to the Chamber of Legal Advisers in the city of Nur-Sultan.

He has two higher educations in the field of jurisprudence and economics, and also has an academic degree "Master of Law Sciences", reads various literature, is fond of sports, chess, and travel.

Moldir Nurtayeva

Moldir Nurtayeva
Author of the project «MTS – Machine-Tractor Stations» 

Nurtayeva Moldir is a Business Analyst in private company "The Development Fund of Agriculture" LTD.

Moldir successfully graduated from one of the top universities in the world - University College London (UCL), majoring in BA Economics and Business with Eastern European Studies. She chose her dissertation topic with econometric analysis for 10,000 words: “Effects of 5 types of financial crises on youth unemployment in developing countries of Central Asia and Eastern Europe over 20 years from 1997 to 2017”.

Following her accomplishments in international Physics and Computer science Olympiads, Moldir was repeatedly recommended as one of the 100 students to attend sponsored education trips from Kazakhstan to the UK and Canada in 2011 and 2013.

She began her business career in London after graduating from Nazarbayev Intellectual School in 2015. Moldir took part in organizing the largest student business conference in London with UCL Eurasian Business Society.

She also actively engaged in Bloomsbury Capital UCL, the first and only investment fund successfully managed by university students. And in 2017, Moldir completed a summer internship as a tax consultant at Deloitte, Big Four.

Certificates and awards:

  • 2014 - 3D Printing, University of Toronto
  • 2014 - Robotic Arms 3D, University of Toronto
  • 2014 - Solid Modeling, University of Toronto
  • IELTS 7.5, Speaking 8.5
  • SAT 1880
Moldir’s hobbies are yoga and walking.

Dinara Shurenova

Dinara Shurenova
Author of the project «System of Justice»

Shurenova Dinara Kairatovna is a Senior Associate at The Development Fund of Agriculture LTD.

She began her career in law enforcement agencies from 2009 to 2020, namely, in the structure of the Committee of the Criminal Executive System of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in various positions.

Has a higher education. Graduated from the KUIS Academy of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2005-2009), bachelor's degree; Academy of Justice under the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2015-2017), Master of Laws;

Holder of the Bolashak International Scholarship, University of Aberdeen, Scotland (2019-2020), Master of Laws in the group of subjects of commercial law.

She took part in educational programs of the Astana International Financial Center and is an expert in the field of English law. Has knowledge of Russian, Kazakh and English languages.

She is interested in reading books and sports. Has a special rank - captain of justice
Arsen Bakhtygaliev

Arsen Bakhtygaliev
Author of the project «Aul 2.0»

A native of the West Kazakhstan region, Chingirlau village
Graduated from the M. Narikbayev Kazakh Humanitarian Law University with a degree in International Law in 2011.
At the moment, on the way to obtaining a Master's degree of Law Science.
Since 2013, he studied at the Canadian College, majoring in Business Management and Project management Professional.
He began his career in his native alma mater as a coordinator for international cooperation.
  • In 2013 he moved to Canada.
  • In Canada, at various times, he worked in several areas: service, shop assistant, production line manager, business development manager.
  • Before returning to Kazakhstan, he had several types of business in Canada.
  • He also worked in the management company CAPREIT, which deals with investment projects in the real estate sector.
  • Last year, he served as COO (The chief operating officer) at Dollan Enterprise in Canada.
In his free time from work, he does fitness, spends time with his family, loves going out into nature.

Hobby: enjoys reading business literature and psychology, trying to learn how to ride a snowboard to no avail.
Zhanibek Jaukenov

Zhanibek Jaukenov

Author of the project «Insurance Fund»

2015 University of British Columbia Graduate with a degree in Mining Engineering. An active member of the student association "Kazakhstan Society in Canada" and held the position of Head of Entertainment from 2012 to 2013. During his studies at the university, he worked on projects in the position of Consultant of mineral processing and Consultant in the "Block Caving mining" project. Since 2016 he studied the insurance system of the Agro-Industry of Canada.

He began his career in 2015 as General Manager for a fast-food chain in Vancouver. As a manager, he acquired comprehensive skills in HR, internal policy and company strategy development, food logistics, and a complete waste management cycle. He showed additional labour activity in the implementation of custom projects in the field of digital marketing from 2016 to 2019. Attentive and organized with the skills to identify and resolve issues related to technical and business processes.

Zhanibek is interested in applying the Canadian experience on the territory of Kazakhstan. Has an extensive interest in the insurance system, automation of work, agriculture and mining.

Askar Turkpenov

Askar Turkpenov
Author of the project: «The Innovation Center»

Graduated from Kazakh National Technical University named after K.I.Satpayev with a Bachelor degree in mining engineering, graduating with honors.
During his studies, he actively participated in seminars, workshops, and debates held by the Mining Faculty of the University, where he showed not only outstanding performance but also organizational qualities and skills of independent decision-making.
  • In 2016, graduated from the Technical University of Liberec (Czech Republic) with a Master of Engineering in Robotics Science.
  • In 2018, won a scholarship and enrolled McGill University in Montreal (Canada) for a Ph.D. in mining.
He began his career in 2012 at ''Almatyenergyservice'' LLP as a design engineer.
  • In 2014-2016, He worked at the ''Volkswagen Group'' plant in the Czech Republic as a mechanical engineer, rose through the career ladder to a safety assessment engineer (Crash test).
  • In 2017-2018, He worked in the field of Geomatics and Cartography in Vancouver, Canada.  he worked in the field of Geomatics and Cartography in Vancouver (Canada).
Participant in international scientific conferences on renewable energy topics. Member of the youth team of the Republic of Kazakhstan in water polo from 2007 to 2010.
Saltanat Balgabayeva

Saltanat Balgabayeva
Author of the project: «The Innovation Center»
  • From 2018 to the present, she has been working as a lawyer at APINA EXPORT LLP, with field of activity in the wholesale of petroleum products.
  • From 2017 to 2018, she worked as a lawyer in MK “Astana-Motors”, the field of activity is wholesale and retail sale of cars and maintenance of vehicles in dealerships.
  • From 2011 to 2017, she worked as a lawyer at Zheti Aspan LLP, with field of activity in retail sale of food products in the Galmart supermarket chain.
  • From 2009 to 2011, she worked as a lawyer at Amanat Gas LLP, with field of activity in wholesale and retail sales of gas.
Has two higher educations in the following specialties: jurisprudence and international relations.

Saltanat is fond of creating interior paintings, conducting master classes on creating paintings and playing sports.
Alexey Popov

Alexey Popov
Author of the project: «Livestock Quota»

Was born on February 22, 1990, in the city of Tselinograd.
From early childhood, he played football, a candidate for a Master of sports in football.

Graduated from school-gymnasium №22 in Astana. Graduated from the Trade and Economic College of Astana with a degree in Marketing. Then he graduated from the Karaganda Economic University of Kazpotrebsoyuz. He began his career in 2008.

About myself: «A genius will never say that he is a genius. I know from myself!»
Sultan Kalimatov

Sultan Kalimatov
Author of the project «Communication, Internet and Innovation»

Kalimatov Sultan is the Head of the IT Department in the private company "The Development Fund of Agriculture" LTD.
Graduated from the ChU "Aktobe Cooperative College" with a degree in "Systems Engineer" in 2006.

He began his career at the "Aktobe Institute of the Almaty Academy of Economics and Statistics of the AF" and for 2 years was an Engineer of the Regional Center for Distance Learning and the Center for Information Support.

Thereafter for 11 years he has been working in the team of Marat Abiyev.

In his spare time, he travels on motorcycle or writes music.

Dana Yeleuzhanova

Dana Yeleuzhanova
Author of the project «Purchasing Center»

She began her career in 1999 in the customs authorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

From 2004 to 2014 she worked in senior positions in various divisions of the Customs Control Committee of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

From 2015 to 2016 she worked as a lawyer at JSC Zheldorstroy of ABE Corporation.

Since 2016, he has been working in Marat Abiyev's team.
Serikzhan Kenesbayuly

Serikzhan Kenesbayuly
Author of the project «Mining field and Processing Plant»

From 2010 to 2014 he studied at the Eurasian National University.

From 2014 to 2016 he continued his master's degree in the specialty of standardization, certification and metrology.

From 2014 to 2015, he worked at the Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs.

Further, from 2015 to this day, he has been working at KNPZ LLP.
Maral Shaimerdenova

Maral Shaimerdenova
Author of the project «Social Program»

Graduated from the  Abay Myrzakhmetov University in Kokshetau, majoring in “Accounting and Audit”.  Certified as a Professional Accountant.

Experience in the field of accounting - 12 years.  She began her career in 2008 at AstanaAuditService NS LLP, for two years, in 2010 she reached the position of the Head of the accounting department.

Since 2013, she worked as a director of the outsourcing company BusinessProfi Astana, whose main activity was the maintenance and restoration of accounting and tax accounting.

Since 2018 he has been working as a Chief accountant in Marat Abiyev's team.

She is interested in biodynamics, psychology and reading books.