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About Us

TDFA introduces a new agricultural model in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the first in the world to use vertical integration and vertical coordination simultaneously. 

This is a system where land will be owned by 1000 effective managers, citizens of Kazakhstan, 5 thousand hectares of land for each. Machinery will be owned by 200 MTS effective managers.

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Investor Relations

 Areas of activity

- We use the world's most advanced and proven innovations to increase yield and improve product quality.

- Reserve insurance system allows to minimize risks of default from natural disasters.

- Banking system enables circulation of every dollar in the closed TDFA ecosystem. 

- We will achieve transparency and manageability through digitalization of all activities.

TDFA plans to manage
5 mln. hectares
of land
NPV $1,6 billion
IRR 18 %
5 years
of payback period
TDFA plans to produce
20 mln. tonnes
of products annually
At the moment, sowing area for all crops in the Republic of Kazakhstan is
22.3 mln. hectares
of sown area

For Effective Managers

5 million hectares or 1000 farms
  • Citizen of Kazakhstan;
  • Since there are 5 million people aged 21 to 35 who live in Kazakhstan, we will choose the most skilled 1200 among them;
  • We adhere to gender equality and accept both men and women;
  • Selection will be made based on the principles of justice, hard work, developed logic and psychological stability.

World Food Bank

Coronavirus pandemic revealed that food security is the highest priority for all countries. Moreover, it is a considerable expenditure in the budget of every country.